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Single Wicket '10 

              Preparing the Wicket

'Yarrow prepares the wicket for the big event'


'Other club members have different methods of preperation. Here we can clearly see that Gazza has chosen to focus his mind through the consumption of alcohol. Kids, if you read this do not follow this example, however if you want to fast-track yourself into the 1st team, just buy him a keg'

The Gang
              relaxing by the canteen

'Mary relaxes by the canteen'


''Stiffler padding up in preperation for his match against Yarrow'

 Stiffler padding up

'Sambo chucks down his best ball of the season to Paul'


'Paul subsequently hitting him for runs...... 'stick to batting Sambo''

Paul trotting
              looking confused

'were not entirely sure whats happening in this shot! Nick seems confused, if he's searching for the ball he's looking in completely the wrong direction, as shown by Sambo and Shep who are looking at the aforementioned ball'


'Stretch Vs Smallboy, a match eagerly awaited by all those present. Two giants of Wykeham Cricket Club (for apparent but differing reasons) line up against each other'

Stretch V Smallboy
Smallboy bowling

'Smallboy throws down one of his world famous pies'


'Vaz provides the answer to the age old question, 'which way to the beach?'

Vaz muscle man

'Stretch bowling, after being dismissed for just 1 run, required a four man slip corden in an attempt to dismiss the plucky Small Boy (subsequently failing)'